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The doubt did kick in- I won't lie!

Last night, we had another session of writing workshop at school. I love this course: no reading, just writing and editing! If you get to read, you read other people's FASCINATING works. I was assigned to read Eukene and Mauro's work, which both involved language. Eukene's work is very different in that it is very tangible. It's science, you know. Very familiar with what I have been trained to do so in years of being at engineering school: a hypothesis, a timeline, methods, data, and conclusion. That's it. It reminded me how much I loved linguistics, but I did not find enough professors interested in the Persian language and diaspora in our department. I love what I'm doing now, as well, though! It lets me make my own arguments and explore some wonderlands of theory and history!

Regarding the dissertation, Nadyiah gave me two important names: Julia Kristeva and Helene Cixous. I don't know what I'm gonna do with them, but I keep their names for now, trying not to over-read them and stay focused on what matters more. (Kristeva has a book called Revolution in Poetic Language that I'm dying to look at!)

One important thing is that Allison and Nadiyah helped me understand that that "french element" I'm supposed to have does not necessarily mean I need to have french language material. My understanding is that even writing about the history of peepshow boxes came from France. Then they were persianized by people in many ways, such as the tales in the poetry and even their appearance that looks like mosques and oriental castles, is enough and gives the department what they need. Also, I figured out I had not made it clear how that French presence in Iran quite affected the notion of literacy. My hypothesis is that Shahre Farang was used by not just literate people. You see? Also, now the instapoetry from @amiraligh.h, for instance, is not being read by very literate people! (you see misspellings in their comments)

Today, talking with Allison, I now know that I need to

  1. point to my corpus or actually show/address it. For this, I messaged Boshra to see if she could send me her texts.

  2. Set a region/period. Meh. Ok!

  3. Assume your reader knows nothing. Specify what instapoetry is, from where it comes, when it appeared, who created it, etc. Same questions about boxes.

  4. Be clear and talk about that French connection about SHahre Farang. Quote if needed. (exactly what EJES asked you not to do! Do it here!)

  5. Also, specify what aspects of performance are you going to look at. I assume I know: I wanna compare it with Naghali. Anyways. I need to sit down and write.

Last words: I talked to Allison about how worried I am about my dissertation topic. I imagine it as a potential book, and I want it published- BUT regarding the timeline and amount of work I had done for the #metoo project, I wonder if maybe that was a wiser choice to make. Just look at the comments I got from Claudia. This really made my day:

Dear authors, We have received really encouraging reviews, and both readers have clearly engaged quite deeply with the chapter offering thoughtful suggestions on how to strengthen and hone it before it’s ready for publication.

You don't have enough time to change it, she said. I understand what she's saying. I will continue then. I'll put some focused, rigorous effort into it. Cheers to that! Be salamati :)

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